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“You must be the ugliest prostitute…”

The above quote finds it’s origins in pne of the most fantastic English classes I have ever had. We are reading Hess’s “Steppenwolf”, and the topid quickly moved to werewolf folk lore, to Twilight (which gave me an insane outlet for hidden depths of geekery-even I was shocked at how much I knew about that … Continue reading

cracked.com fixed my rotten day.

I should be working on an essay that was due yesterday. Obviously, I’m not. I’m too darn excited, actually. Here’s why: Earlier today, while in the library working on my essay about music, there was a student sitting at the computer next to me. This kid had your typical computer nerd/d&d player pallor going on. … Continue reading

Faith: Yeah. That was real manly, how you shrieked and all. Xander: I think you’ll find that was more of a bellow.

So, Hulu, my most favorite internet site after cracked.com  and facebook and wordpress and thinkgeek and…ok, so, it’s not my most favorite, but I like it. Anyway, they are showing the Buffy seasons one by one. Which is awesome…awesome torture! Truth be told, if I’m in the proper mind set, I can go threw a … Continue reading

Swann’s Way, or The Biggest Joke I’ve Ever Heard

I’m my English 290 class, we have been ‘reading’ the first volume of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time…series? Can you call those jumbles on nonsense a series?And the only lost time I find my self trying to recover is the hours (haha) I’ve spent trying to figure out what the hell is going … Continue reading

“You’re going to have to go threw me…”

I work in the athletics department at my school. My bosses office is between the athletic stats guy (aka, most opinionated man in the world…) and one of the soccer coaches offices. Coaches from other sports are constantly in and out of my bosses office, and I have getten to know many of them pretty … Continue reading

“Your father is not going to be happy…”

…but here’s the thing, I’m 26. That doesn’t mean that I’m throwing my parents opinions out the window, but seeing as they aren’t paying for school and I’m 20-freaking-6, it doesn’t really matter how happy my father will or will not be. As you may have been able to pick up on, I had the … Continue reading

“Spacebars are tricky…”

How do you know when you spend too much time in the IT Department?? When you make the quote wall…oh yeah, I’m cool. They even spelled my name correctly. It was lovely and heart warming. So, on to topics more in line with the purpose of my blog, which is being a good student, adult … Continue reading

“I see humps…” “You WOULD see humps…”

So, that camping trip went really, really well. At least as far as I could tell, but a person can never tell about other people. I got to see some of Gettysburg, which I haven’t been to in ages. Was definitely a different experience (photo scavenger hunt) than I am used to. Felt kind of irreverent. Ah well. Some awesome quotes “He could … Continue reading