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Swann’s Way, or The Biggest Joke I’ve Ever Heard

I’m my English 290 class, we have been ‘reading’ the first volume of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time…series? Can you call those jumbles on nonsense a series?And the only lost time I find my self trying to recover is the hours (haha) I’ve spent trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

I will openly admit that the books sounds real pretty. And can be thoroughly enjoyed if you don’t really try to figure out what’s going on.  Sadly, we don’t have that option. We are supposed to dig deep into the text, and take into account Freud,  think about the author’s identity as a gay man, and his Jewishness (sounds like the beginnings of a NBC sitcom…just with out the occasional funny bits). Also, the fact that most of our very, very small class stopped reading the book about 200 pages ago makes for terribly boring class discussion. Personally, I skipped over the last part of the first section, Combray, and jumped into the second section, Swann in Love, for about 50 pages. That was about all I could take. It’s not the the words aren’t strung to together well, or that Proust doesn’t drop some nice phrases, it’s just that…nothing really happens. At least, not in Combray. I actually have yet to figure out how the narrator and Swann fall back into each others social circle. i just don’t have it in me to dig deep into such a profoundly boring novel.

ITS JUST SO FRUSTRATING. I want to do well in this class. The prof is just one of the coolest guys I’ve come across in my academic journey thus far, and I want to write good essays for him, but, man, I’m so sick of this friggin’ novel!

One more journal (this one about the nature of desire…gimme a break) and then we as a class can more onto some other obscure and ridiculous piece of European Lit.


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