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Faith: Yeah. That was real manly, how you shrieked and all. Xander: I think you’ll find that was more of a bellow.

So, Hulu, my most favorite internet site after cracked.com  and facebook and wordpress and thinkgeek and…ok, so, it’s not my most favorite, but I like it. Anyway, they are showing the Buffy seasons one by one. Which is awesome…awesome torture! Truth be told, if I’m in the proper mind set, I can go threw a season on my various favorite TV shows in a good, long weekend. And, I’m pretty much ALWAYS into the Joss Wheadon-y goodness that is Buffy. I mean, can you compare anything to the story telling that is Buffy?

People who, for various reasons, don’t watch Buffy or Angel don’t get how well crafted those series are! The story telling alone is solid and well developed. Take for instance the early Drusilla/Spike/Angelus story line. That was good writing. It was so awesome to just watch little pieces fall into place.

And on Angel, my favorite story line by FAR was the Pilea (spelled THAT one wrong…) story line. Partly because the hilarity of Lorn’s family, and partly because it developed Cordy’s character so well. I must admit, however, that the whole Connor/Jasmine story line just pissed me the heck off. Joss should have killed Cordy a season or so before that happened. One good thing about that story line is that it gave us temporary ‘evil’ Wesley, which was pretty hot.

So, yeah, I’m a nerd.

Nothing new in the school department. Other than the fact that since I know I’m not coming back, I’m a lot more relaxed about everything, and might actually be doing better. It’s odd, I know, but that’s how this old brain of mine works.



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