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cracked.com fixed my rotten day.

I should be working on an essay that was due yesterday. Obviously, I’m not.

I’m too darn excited, actually.

Here’s why:

Earlier today, while in the library working on my essay about music, there was a student sitting at the computer next to me. This kid had your typical computer nerd/d&d player pallor going on. A little over weight, awkward looking. None of these things are a problem. In fact, I just described about half of my past boyfriends. Nay, the problem was that this kid was surfing the net and laughing like Newman from Seinfeld. Not only is that insanely annoying, it’s hella distracting.

Being the nosy youngest child that I am, i do a fake stretch to get a better view of what he is reading that is so funny as to require that level of laughter. It’s cracked.com. I can’t hold it against a brother if he is laughing like that when reading cracked.com. So, I write the guys at cracked a letter.

“I’m in the Library at school, writing an essay, and the kid next to me has been laughing like Newman from “Seinfeld” for 20 minutes. It’s annoying. I lean over to see what he’s looking at…it’s cracked.com. Your website has discovered yet another way to keep me from doing homework…thanks, guys…. :P”

And comes the REPLY!!!

“From time to time, I’ll choose an email from a fan to write back to.  Thanks for your note below.. It made my day.  It will also make my Mom very happy.  Thanks for your support!”

Oren actually wrote me back. I’m more than a little excited.  SQUEEEEEEEE

Had an..odd morning. So, getting even a little blurb back from them, which I totally was NOT expecting, was kinda nice.

I’m starting to second guess myself about the whole school thing. I just…I don’t know. Recent events have shown me that things never work out the way you think they are going to. Even when it LOOKS like things are working out, sometimes they just aren’t. Some times its just a little crack, and sometimes its a big gaping sink hole just WAITING to swallow you and all you hold dear into it’s slavering maw…I don’t know how a sink hole could slaver, but, you get the idea.

Sometimes you feel like you aren’t enough, and sometimes you feel like there is just too much inside you. And sometimes, you go through stages when you draw pictures of yourself in your text books where you are a huge amorphous blob.

Also, here is a list of the most used words on my status up dates for facebook:


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