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“You must be the ugliest prostitute…”

The above quote finds it’s origins in pne of the most fantastic English classes I have ever had. We are reading Hess’s “Steppenwolf”, and the topid quickly moved to werewolf folk lore, to Twilight (which gave me an insane outlet for hidden depths of geekery-even I was shocked at how much I knew about that series) to crap novels, to prostitution. Well, not in the real sence, but it the sense of:

Professor: “It must be a bitch when you’re a prostitute and you whore yourself out for money.” (here referring to ‘whoring’ your writing cheaply.)

Student: “You must be the ugliest prostitute…”

And then, our professor made up some improv death metal.

It was just a day that made me glad I went to class.

And now on a totally different note. I’ve been trying desperately to set up a date to go to confession. I know, I know, churches offer regular confession times, but I’ve always felt those only apply when you’ve been to confession in the last 2 years. Anything over 2 years requires a appointment, at least in my book. So, i’ve been trying since the summer to set up a meeting with one of the Priests at my parish. Emails, phone messages, notta. So, finally I emailed to nun who cooridnates the Catholic Outreach on my campus and SHE set up a meeting for me with the priest at Sacred Heart Parish.

Seriously, though. I get that our priest is settling in, but when a 26 year old college students who has been away from the Sacraments for a while wants back in, you should LET HER IN! I understand that my home parish is a big church and there are a lot of politics to nagavate, but a man becomes a priest to minister to lost sheep, not to placate the Catonsville elite! Not that he is even placating Catonsvillians, but, I don’t know, I just feel like a parish priest should be more accessible.  Not everyone has the type of personality that can just barge in on people. But the people less willing to intrude should have a fair chance too!!


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