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Man, now I want to be a super secret spy!!

So, I spent dinner last night explaining to my dearest friend my desire to leave Charm City. Let’s just say she was less than receptive. She is also convinced that when we go out for her 21st birthday, I’ll meet a man who will make me want to stay…meh. That’s what I say. I’ve dated, and, honestly, I can’t imagine meeting some one who will make me want to stay.

With that said, if some one were to ask me out, I’m not going to be like, “no, away you fiendish man! You are standing in the way of my illustrious dreams of moving to (Insert state that ISN’T the one I live in) and doing day care!!” If a guy is decent, I’ll give him a fair chance, but with the 27 year old dating funk I’ve been in, I don’t foresee this happening…

Also, i had the best imagining EVER this morning on the trek between campuses!! I was a government agent who was at SU because there was a super secret sleeper cell of some generic ‘bad guys’ operating out of the university. And all my friends were either slightly less super spy’s, or new about my being a spy. And I had people who did all my work for me, so I could pass as a real life student (Might have been the best part of the imagining…beside the awesome training montage…that was epic…). But, there was a super epic fire arms battle on quad, and (SAD FACE) my best friend gets shot! Well, needless to say, I find the bad guy and kick the crap out of him like Mel Gibson in one of those movies where he kills English people. you know, blood spurting up into my tear streaked face as I avenge the death of one I love dearly and was wrongly killed…Which movie was that? Then I retire to my sister’s farm in Minnesota (farm? no, she doesn’t have a farm…) but, a handsome agent who bears a strange resemblance to a certain some one on campus talks me out of retirement to finish the job is started, darn it!! And that’s pretty much when I got to school…

There may be a screen play in this, so, if anyone makes this movie before I do, I’ll know you stole I’ll find you, and picket your house…or something…



About Beating Heart, Spinning Mind

Professional dreamer. Searching for a job and greater meaning. Being a good girlfriend...well, trying to.


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