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‎”Of course you have an obnoxiously attractive boyfriend and hang out in Fed Hill…you would…” ~Conversations I have with people’s facebook photo albums.

So, I have this pretty jaded theory. Basically it’s this: people who say that have no regrets are either 1) total liars, 2) totally stupid or 3) absolutely the most bleeding perfect person in the world.

Now, lets define how I describe regrets. Not that I can’t look at things and see lesson I’ve learned. I have loads of them. But there are still things that I can look at and say “Man, wish THAT hadn’t happened…”

Just because you learned a lesson doesn’t take away the inherent badness of a thing.

Anyway, I just saw Disney’s newest, Tangled. SO FRIGGIN CUTE!! However, made me feel fabulously…heart heavy. I mean, I want shiny lights and boats in the lake and singing…I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, besides the fact that it just makes me kinda sad.

’cause here’s the thing. I’m happy that I’m currently single and childless. Totally…yeah…ok, I really like the idea that I can pretty much do whatever I want. That’s nice.

But, at the same time, I guess I want something else,and more than just me. The whole concept of “best of all, I did it my way” hasn’t really served me well thus far.


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Professional dreamer. Searching for a job and greater meaning. Being a good girlfriend...well, trying to.


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