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“We are afraid to care to much, for fear that the other person does not care at all”

So, I said goodbye to him, for I guess the last time. I don’t really know what happened. I managed not to let myself like him for such a long time, and then once he wasn’t available, my heart just kind of did a flip flop and realized that I liked him…a LOT! So, I told him the … Continue reading

“She smokes sex and drinks pot…”

I have a whole pile of  “Where to start” that I’m sitting on here. SO, I’m back from Florida, where it was cold and rainy most of the time. I didn’t even touch the beach. Oh well. Coming back from Florida has afforded me NO clarity at all. I’m still not sure where I’m supposed … Continue reading

Here’s to us

Here’s to: Drinking on Tuesday nights; making friends in Tech Connection; break ups and break downs; papers and essays; English, teaching, math, science, nursing, computer systems, vis com, theater; Basketball; FLAVOR ROCK; intramural sports; feuds with Frisbee boys; dorms and apartments; awkward ex boyfriends; one night stands; long term relationships; forgiveness and repentance;  bosses and … Continue reading

“Kyle Schoelz: I wish I was taking a class on wine as well…”

What a craptastic day!! I was feeling all AMAZING about myself because I finished my term paper with time to spare, and was actually going to be able to walk the paper in to my awesome professor. Well, round about 3, I go to get the paper off of my flash drive, and the darn … Continue reading

Instituting the 100 word Facebook policy…oh foo!

So, I have this policy I impose upon myself when I have to write a paper. I’m not allowed to go on Facebook for at LEAST 100 words. So, I’m waiting as long as I can to actually start the paper in order to postpone the dreaded rule as long as possible. Also, I’m writing … Continue reading