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“I feel like we just buried a hooker in the desert…”

That’s just a great quote from House. I do love House. So, the New Mexico sky line is just plainly amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it in person. I spent many hours in the car looking out the window and going “wow. omg. wow. look at that…WOW!” And I plan on moving there mid-April. … Continue reading

Santa Fe, are ya there…If I found ya, would you let me come and stay??

So, the song Santa Fe has been in my head a lot lately. The one from Newsies,where Christian Bale is riding around old time NYC on a horse, singing his heart out. The only reason it’s in my head is because I am going out to New Mexico TOMORROW MORNING! I’m visiting a family that … Continue reading

Princess…I…think I’m in love with you…or would be, if you didn’t appear to be a girl, and, you know, still seemingly in high school…

So, hi. It’s been a while, eh?? Miss me? OF COURSE YOU DID!! Where to start? Lets see. There have been some familial health scares. EEK. SO, that’s been keeping the Horman collective on it’s toes. And, while my Minnesota sister said she’d be happy to have me, my plans have (most likely) changed. Stop … Continue reading

“…a gold star in the end.”

“You have to do what’s right because it’s right, not because someone’s going to give you a gold star in the end.” ~Zen and the Art of Faking It Jordan Sonnenblick First and foremost, Jordan Sonnenblick has to be the BEST young adult fiction writer out there. He’s just awesome. Check him out. However, that … Continue reading

…ain’t what she used to be…

I’m not 22 anymore….I’m not even 25 anymore. Why this revelation, you may ask? Well, it all starts with my recent attempts to attack my Yoga Booty Ballet videos like I was a young-er thing, fresh and in my prime, and about 30 pounds lighter. Now, before the comments start about the fact that I’m not old at all, … Continue reading

Truly Amazing Parenting!!

Child: Mama, I’m gonna root for the STEELERS! Mother:…you’re getting a time out when we get home… Child: But, no wait. I want the Steelers to win. Mother: Bed with no dinner!!! Child: STEEEEEEEEEELLLLEEEEERRRRRSSS! Mother: You CANNOT be a Steelers fan and live in my house!!! I love my job, and hope I can be … Continue reading

Something from the depths of my old purse…

So, in the search for my social security card, I went through my old purse. In one of the many pockets I found a folded piece of loose leaf paper with writing on both sides. The hand writing is very neat, and at first, I didn’t even think it was mine, since it was so … Continue reading

Postcards From Rome

I’m in the midst of cleaning/purging my room. I’ve found quite a few random bits and bobs, some of which have met the bin, and some of which have near about slew me.  Specifically Aaron’s postcards that he wrote me from Rome while I was working at the summer camp in Maine. There were buried on … Continue reading