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Princess…I…think I’m in love with you…or would be, if you didn’t appear to be a girl, and, you know, still seemingly in high school…

So, hi. It’s been a while, eh?? Miss me? OF COURSE YOU DID!!

Where to start? Lets see. There have been some familial health scares. EEK. SO, that’s been keeping the Horman collective on it’s toes.

And, while my Minnesota sister said she’d be happy to have me, my plans have (most likely) changed. Stop smirking/rolling your eyes. I do NOT change my plans all the time…really…**ahem**

Anyway, I joined a nanny website (like a dating site, but for jobs as a nanny) and started talking to a family that lives in New Mexico. Yeah. You heard me. New Mexico. They are flying me in on Sunday for a visit. I’m excited, but pretty chill about the whole thing at the same time. Like, if it works, it works. If not, then, well, now I know.

Anyway, I’m also now on Twitter…save yourself the trouble. Stay away. However, that isn’t the moral of the story. And it’s a long story.

So, I start following Zachary Levi, whom I’ve always thought was a cutie. Well, I find that he has a website called The Nerd Machine. I think “oh fun. They sell clothes that say NERD. When I get money, I’m SO buying something!!” Well, terns out it is this whole online community devoted to all things nerdy. I joined, and am IN LOVE WITH IT! There are science nerds, art nerds, sci-fi nerds, fantasy nerds, tech nerds, gamer nerds. ALL OF IT! Well, when you join the forums, you’re kind of invited to post a thing saying hi. Well, my name on there is NannyMcAwesome. People liked that. made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Also, I asked the readers to dazzle me with heir nerdiness. Only one person did, but still, it’s awesome!!

superhero princess says:

“I held a class debate on pros and cons/compare and contrast of Star Trek and Star Wars in English. It was a pretty spirited debate that sparked a frenzy at our school. People were posting signs in the hallways on which team they were on. It was bigger then the Team Edward or Jacob thing. Eventually the principle had to calm things down.
Is that dazzling enough? Its all I can think of right now…”


About Beating Heart, Spinning Mind

Professional dreamer. Searching for a job and greater meaning. Being a good girlfriend...well, trying to.


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