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“I loved you in high def and art films too grainy to see clearly”

I often find that I have a hard time writing with great emotional depth about joy. All my work that I have ever deemed good enough to to show to the world has been about sadness. Or about some kind of pain that I’ve wrestled with. It’s not that I haven’t ever experienced great joy. I have. … Continue reading

Ventures into Outer-myspace

I haven’t looked at my old myspace account in who knows how long, but after receiving an email saying that some one gave me a friend request (IGNORE!!), I decided to dive back into the old thing for a walk down memory lane. And what I found was an absolute treasure trove. I found my old blog from three-ish … Continue reading

Into the West/Big Emotions

Lay down Your sweet and weary head Night is falling You’ve come to journey’s end Sleep now And dream of the ones who came before They are calling From across the distant shore Why do you weep? What are these tears upon your face? Soon you will see All of your fears will pass away … Continue reading

A Josh Groban Kind of Morning/My Daily Dose of Melodrama.

There are some things floating around in my head that I just can’t quite articulate. They are feelings about love and leaving and friendship. I’m trying to find the balance between saying too much and saying too little. My own silence that screams, yet begs me to suffer more because breaking this silence could be disastrous… … Continue reading

Steel Gray Mornings

Had another tryst with Mr Snoozebutton today. The things that man does to me….mainly make me lethargic through the rest of the day, oh well. So, now I’m sitting here with my cup of fresh ground coffee, looking out my window at this steel gray sky, and thinking lots of thoughts. Yesterday was a pretty good, if … Continue reading

Community takes effort, people!!

Lately, having found myself for once in a community of Believers that I feel I can really be myself in, I’ve been thinking about what a community is and how it happens.  To have this conversation, you have to define the difference between community at large, and a Faith based community. Community in it’s most … Continue reading

Oh My Heart

Oh my heart Grows and aches Love I can’t contain And often Can’t explain. Faces around the fire and around the circle, Warm and challenge. Wonder, growth, love. I want you stay Forever. Arms hold And smiles embrace. Faces around the fire And around the circle. I love you all. Stay, Please. Please. Stay in … Continue reading

“Jellybeans” or “Finding Depression at the Movies”

It was not a good day to wake up. I’m pretty sure it was raining…or maybe it was sunny but cold. Or maybe it was just another of the recent days were I’ve been tired and grumpy. I think the latter. I had an fleeting affair with the Mr Snoozebutton. We’d meet occasionally, usually filled … Continue reading

Just writing vs good writing

I’ve heard that Steven King says “To be a writer, you just have to get out there and write.” That is a shameless misquote. Sorry, Steven. However, lately, I’ve been writing. Quite a bit, as regular followers of this blog can attest to. SO my question is this: At the beginning stages of becoming a writer, is … Continue reading

Come and Make my Heart Your Home

Show Me, by Audrey Assad I’m not a scholar. Honestly, when you look at the nuts and bolts of the situation, I’m a college drop out. I don’t have degrees, or any worldly thing that would make me get good jobs, or pad my resume. My grammar may be bad, and my syntax a little … Continue reading