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All about me…and some other people, too…I guess…

Where, OH WHERE, to start. Well, since I honestly can’t remember that last thing I wrote about, I’ll start with the fact that i’m moving to a tiny, absolutely beautiful little town in New Mexico. I have a job nannying there. I’m pretty darn excited…and a full measure of scared. And a little bit sad. But mostly excited. And a tiny bit confused…

So, the excited part is pretty obvious. The land scape screams to be adventured, and calls to the part of my heart that yearns for The Marlboro Man and John Wayne and fancy boots. But not country music…never country music.

Scared because I have just made an amazing group of new friends, and I hate to leave them. And also, to be perfectly honest, I feel amazing. Better than I remember feeling in, well, a really long time. And to be honest again, i’m scared that it’s going to go away. That I’m going to be in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, and not ok. Ah! I WANT TO BE OK FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!

And, sad kind of ties into scared. I’m sad to leave my new friends. And my  old ones. And my family. But, like my lovely sister-in-law said “Claire, it’s the computer age…” i’ll blog, and you’ll comment, and go on Facebook and we’ll chat and what not.

And as to my diet. Since February 5, I have lost **drum roll please** 13 pounds and 1 inch!! YAY!! This also includes “Guilt Free” Days.  These days are usually weekend, and are just a day, just one, that I open up to eating pretty much whatever I want, in moderation. So, anyway, that is pretty exciting.

And as to affairs of the heart…**sigh** Even if there was someone who I was sure felt the way about me that I felt about him, what would I do about it? What would we do, when I’m about to leave? So, no matter what I feel, it’s plain old stupid. And, once again, I’m not going to let me desire for a relationship make me do something stupid, or step outside of what I feel is the path the Lord has for me. So, there’s that.

Oh, and here’s a lovely story from our group outting tonight. We went to the mall after a shopping for some clothes to send to Christian‘s in Pakistan. Well, sitting in the food court, I see Charlotte Russe and their horridly trendy shoes staring at me from across the way. I suggest that Sandy and I go to check out the shoes. Well, we are followed by three our three decidedly masculine friends. Lets just call them Chewbaca, Tex and Dr Who. We aren’t in the store 5 seconds before Dr Who is checking out the silky feel of a dress and Chewbaca has picked up a black faux leather bustier that, to be honest, wouldn’t fit around my calf, and is holding it up to himself to check for the fit. I promptly took it away from him and proceeded to beat him about the chest with it. This is right about the time that Katie Perry’s “Teenage Dream” blasts over the speaker. Later on, Tex helped me try on women’s sunglasses….by trying some on himself. It was just a pretty perfect, silly, silly night. 🙂


About Beating Heart, Spinning Mind

Professional dreamer. Searching for a job and greater meaning. Being a good girlfriend...well, trying to.


One thought on “All about me…and some other people, too…I guess…

  1. Congrats on the job! That’s wonderful! And I can tell you, moving away is hard and scary, but your sister-in-law is right – in this day and age there are so many ways to keep in touch…texting, skyping, email, facebook…you’ll be fine. Look forward to this new adventure- open up your heart to new and exciting things! This is good! And congrats on the weight loss…just remember, sweetie, one day at a time!

    Posted by Kristina Hooper | March 7, 2011, 3:28 am

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