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Just writing vs good writing


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I’ve heard that Steven King says “To be a writer, you just have to get out there and write.” That is a shameless misquote. Sorry, Steven. However, lately, I’ve been writing. Quite a bit, as regular followers of this blog can attest to.

SO my question is this: At the beginning stages of becoming a writer, is quantity really superior to quality??

I want to, ultimately, write quality works. I want to reach people. I want to make (help?) people see the world (mine or an imagined one) a little differently. I’ve never written a work of fiction that does that. However, my mini-memoir that I wrote for my ‘creative essay writing’ class last semester seemed to do it. But, sadly, that’s not what I want to write about. I’d rather write about spies…really. I am working on a screen play about spies. No. I don’t know anything about spies…why do you ask??

And another thing to take into account is that fact that right now is NOT the time to be diving into writing seriously. I’m making a rather serious cross country move in under a month. i’m quite sure that there are things I need to be thinking about…like getting things organized, and dealing with these micro-anxiety attacks. Yes, I said it. There are recently cropping up micro-anxiety attacks.

I don’t like them, but admitting they are even here made them a little better. Well, that’s good.

Obviously, there are other things I should be attending to.


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