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Excuse me, life. I’ve got a blog to write here…ya mind??

Man, have I ever been busy! between excursions to DC, spring formals and the actions of saying goodbye, I’ve not had a moments to sit down long enough to actually write a decent(ish) post.

Where to start? Ok, well, I went to DC Cherry Blossom Festival with two old-ish friends, and one new friend. Had a day that was “filled with blessings and rain showers (literal and figurative). I was grateful for the blessings, and kept my head down and moved forward through the rain. Overall, an awesome day, though!” I’m pretty sure none of my friends were aware of my personal rain showers, but, that usually for the best.

Then went to formal with my beloved Mei Mei. She’s the hot one in that pic. We had an awesome time. Danced, saw friends, drank a bit. Over all, things were great.

However, ever perfect days can end in rain. Got a call from my brother that my Grandfather (who, btw, was supposed to be on the mend…) was in the hospital, on his way to surgery. Controlled madness ensued. We went to the WRONG hospital, which was just plain embarrassing..we made it to the correct hospital just as he was taken into surgery. We sat with my uncle until I HAD to get out of there, and ended up in the hospital lobby loving on a therapy dog. Strangely JUST want I needed. Anyway, was a long day that ended with a bunch of technical stuff, but the moral of the story is that Grandpa is gonna be ok.

Accidental side effects being that I missed the last Journey Group that I would have been able to attend. And I realized that, while I was ABSOLUTELY where I needed to be, I really wanted to be with the Group. They have become, over the last however long, the ones I want to share my life with. I wanted to tell them all the details, and have them hold me hand, pat my back, pray with me and tell me things would ultimately be ok. That’s what love does, I guess.

And I’m moving ACROSS THE FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY in 4 days… **gulp** I’m not at all sure how to  go about packing. I mean, do I take everything, and ship, or do bag…or…or…or….AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! **BARF**



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Professional dreamer. Searching for a job and greater meaning. Being a good girlfriend...well, trying to.


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