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“Our hearts where in the right place…our a**es, however, were not.”

The Drifter

Image by Shavar Ross via Flickr

The title of this blog proves that even in the darkest of times, I can be rather clever. Well, I thought it was clever when I explained to my Uncle Randy how we were at the wrong hospital.

I’m feeling pretty good today. Only slightly anxious. But, mainly confident. I mean, come on. I’m moving. I’m not entering a convent, or committing myself to, I dunno, jumping off of skyscrapers every day. I’m 27, and damn it, I can do this! I’ll be fine! I’ll miss people, and people may miss me, but none of us are going to keel over from achy heart. So,stand firm in the resolve not to die because I’m leaving. I may not be feeling this way after the planned goodbye party this Saturday.

But, for now, I’m good. Because, here starts my gypsy existence. I’ve been singing “I want adventure in the great wide some where, I want it more than I can bare!” like Belle from Beauty and the Beast for years, but have never gone after it! I’ve had a life where I haven’t really had to work for things (other than maintaining sanity, which has been an uphill battle at times). So, things that involved REALLY having to work, or show discipline, were often chucked aside in favor of easier pursuits. It’s only in the story books when adventures drop on your door step in the form of an “elderly fellow, beard, pointy hat”. In real life, adventures often afford you plenty of time to think about them, and get amazingly nervous first.

Packing is just annoying. Mainly because I have to wash everything, then figure out what I’m going to wear for the next 3 days so I don’t pack it. And,what do I take? What do I leave? And my books! My dear, beloved books! How can I leave Harry, Rand, Perrin, Frodo and all the others behind? Books are the friends you can, in theory, take with you…unless you’re traveling cross country. In that case, they have to stay home. 😦

I also need to find my other duffle bag. Where did that blasted thing go? I had it when I came back from Florida, but haven’t seen it since. Grrrr…it’s huge, too.

And tell me, why is there such a large discrepancy between the time it takes for the drier and the washing machine to finish? Why can’t they just be one very fancy machine, hmm?? I mean, I’ve got boat loads of washing to do, and can’t just be waiting for the bleeding drier.

And another thing! Why does “London Hymn” have to be right next to “War at Home” on Josh Grobans new album on my iTunes?? I can never enjoy the “London Hymn” because I’m always waiting to skip “War at Home”. It makes me cry for all the wrong reasons.


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