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“I love my family…” and I mean it, mostly

Naruto Sleeping

First and foremost…oh God, I’m so tired. I feel like someone stuck a hose in the back of my head and just forcibly removed any trace of energy I had. I’m thinking more coffee is in my near future.

Anyway, this was a good, if very sad, week. It was really fabulous to see my family and quite a few of my friends. Grandpa’s funeral was nice. The grave side ceremony lovely, if VERY sad. They had an honor guard and a bag piper. Both very cool. I cried and clung to my sister-in-laws arm. Tobe fair, she clung to me quite a bit as well.

The events surrounding this (wake, dinners, hanging out and making plans) where positively awash in little kids. There were tiny people EVERYWHERE! It was awesome! So many little kids that I didn’t have to take care of. HEAVEN!

And speaking of little kids…by the end of the reception after the funeral, I’ve decided that I’m going to make a print up to just take places with me, so when people say things like “Oh, a nanny? In New Mexico??” I can just hand them a neatly laminated sheet that will answer all their questions. (why New Mexico? how many kids? What do the parents do? Meeting new people? how did you meet the family? What are they like? how is the desert? Oh, the mountains…really? Do you ski?)

anyway, last night proved to be my favorite of all the nights for various reasons. One reason was just that I think we were all glad to have been able to say goodbye, and could just relax. All of the Aunts and Uncles went to Grandpa’s house and eat and drank and were just generally awesome. Uncle Ralph, Ralph, Moey and I made a run to the commissary on the Naval Academy and Uncle Ralph drove us around the old barracks and told us some truly hilarious stories. Then, on the way back, Uncle Ralph tried to take a short cut which ended up being a not at all short cut.

Once we returned from that surprisingly long adventure, Sandy and Kyle came over, then later Phil came over. We spent our time on the porch listening to my dad tell stories about everything ever. Then, later on, being thoroughly scandalized by my cousins from North Carolina.  With every ridiculous thing they said, Moey and I found ourselves saying in unison “I love our family…” and we meant it, mostly. I am pretty sure, however, that most my family entirely scandalized Kyle and Sandy, but thoroughly delighted Phil. Oh well. Family, you know??

Anyway, I return to New Mexico in a few hours, and I can tell ya, it’s not gonna be easy! I am looking forward to getting back into a regular schedule, but, man! It was so nice being surrounded by the people I love, all with in reach. Praying for strength. A line from an Audrey Assad song has been going through my mind lately “As i carry this cross, You carry me.” I guess that is my prayer. That as I move forward and bare what I fear is going to be Cross of loneliness, that God would in turn carry me. And if it be His will, (please, PLEASE let it be Your will!!) that I would meet people I can fellowship with.


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One thought on ““I love my family…” and I mean it, mostly

  1. Even though the loss of your grandfather was a sad occasion, God used it to buoy your spirits by giving you time with the people you love and hold dear. As you deal with the loneliness in NM, remember that your friends back here miss you just as much and when it is God’s will, we will see each other again. Love and Hugs

    Posted by missylikestoramble | May 16, 2011, 3:36 am

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