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Full Figured

We have been called Full Figured Like someone smaller than a size 14 Isn’t an whole figure But a conglomeration Of body parts, With holes And caves Where there should be Arms And breasts And a stomach. There is mounting unfairness on Both sides Of the divide. I’d love to see Us all happy. Not … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Skinny Girls

So, I’ve been thinking about…people lately. Mainly, what separates people from each other. Specifically, ‘skinny girls’ and ‘fat girls’. I’ve been, lets be honest people, fat my entire life. I often get “well, I don’t think of you as fat, because you’re so tall…”. Oh, how kind? And as a now 30 pounds lighter than … Continue reading

Good Morning, Baltimore…I miss ya.

So, I’ve never actually seen Hairspray. But, living in Baltimore when this movie came out pretty much guaranteed that you had at least heard this song. So, I have a pretty good familiarity with this particular ditty. And I’ll tell you what, today, this song is strummin’ my pain with it’s fingers, because, you see, … Continue reading

Small Town Woes. Or Small Town WHOAS!!

**Sigh** What a day it’s been already. I awoke with total allergy head. NOt nearly as bad as at home, but still not my favorite. I was also in a total grump. Luckily, the mom of the family I live with is very accepting of the statement “I’m not feeling very social today. Woke up … Continue reading


Oh mountain of mine Perhaps I asked Too much of you. Your rocks and trees Stay silent to me. Am I not listening? Or is it true That you are naught But wood and pebbles? Or perchance, Do I not know How to quiet My soul? The breezes that blow Don’t whisper to me Tonight. … Continue reading

The Stars in My Eyes

Did you know That the stars in my eyes Shine brighter Away from the city lights? Did you know That the wonderfulness of me Sings a little louder In the thin mountain air? Did you know That I walk these hills With you Nearly every night? Did you know I’m confused But so alive. Did … Continue reading

Five Good Reasons/ I’m not in love, so just forget it…

A good friend of mine once told me that I should have 5 good reasons to really like a guy. Well, I didn’t have 5 good reasons then, but I’m working on them! So, I wrote a poem about my -possible- feelings for a mystery man out there. I was supposed to be working on … Continue reading