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Small Town Woes. Or Small Town WHOAS!!

Breaking of the bread.

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**Sigh** What a day it’s been already.

I awoke with total allergy head. NOt nearly as bad as at home, but still not my favorite. I was also in a total grump. Luckily, the mom of the family I live with is very accepting of the statement “I’m not feeling very social today. Woke up in a bit of a grump.” and generally felt me to my own devices.

Anyway, around noon, she drove me to church, and the parking lot was a ghost town. Ok, we were 20 minutes early, but usually there are quite a few people there at that time. Well, we see a note on the door that says “Mass at 5 pm in Questa Prayer Park.” Well, that would be kind of perfect…if I wasn’t working until 6. Had i known that Mass times had changed for this week, I would have NEVER in a million years planned to have work over church. But, this late in the game…

And i was really looking forward to Mass this week. I miss home, and going to Mass feels like a little slice of home. So, I’m kind of mad. Actually, I’m really mad.

If I knew people in this town, I’m sure some one would have mentioned “Hey, did you know Mass times changed this week??” But the few people I do know just happen to not be Church goers. What are the odds??

Well, I guess I’ll just go to EWTN and see if I can watch Mass at least. And at the very least, i can look up the readings for today. It’s not the same, though, and I know it.


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