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Some Thoughts on Skinny Girls

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So, I’ve been thinking about…people lately. Mainly, what separates people from each other. Specifically, ‘skinny girls’ and ‘fat girls’.

I’ve been, lets be honest people, fat my entire life. I often get “well, I don’t think of you as fat, because you’re so tall…”. Oh, how kind? And as a now 30 pounds lighter than I used to be person, I’ve been thinking about what it must be like to be skinny. Honestly, I think it would be terrifying! I mean, I think about being my goal weight, which is honestly about 80 pounds away, then I think about getting pregnant, and I FREAK OUT! I honestly almost talked myself out of ever wanting to have kids from just sheer fear of additional weight loss

Is it always like this for skinny girls? I mean, if you’re a fat girl, you can get fatter, and pretty much keep your status in society. If a skinny girl adds weight, things can really, really change for her. Especially if it happens quickly. Freshman 15, sudden illness, things like that must scare the skinny girl. Do skinny girls fear not being skinny? Is that what keeps the gyms full and diet pills still a huge American money maker?

Like I said, I’m FAR from my ‘goal’ weight, and I freak out about weight gain.

So, give me some insight! I’m sincere in wanting to get a better grasp on the mind of the skinny woman. Also, I’m writing a skinny character, and find myself havign some trouble getting into her head. Any advice?


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3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Skinny Girls

  1. I’ve been ridiculously skinny most of my life. I wanted horribly to gain weight so people would stop making fun of me and asking if I had eating disorders. After I turned 18 I gained a little here and there and it was a welcomed improvement. After having my son though ive gained a little more and I’ve found the problem with weight gain for me being thin is that a little bit extra anywhere is pretty obvious if its not evenly gained all over your body. For example I now have a little rounded belly which looks awkward and makes me resemble a bean lol. So I guess it just throws proportions off and makes you look a little silly.

    Posted by veronica | June 27, 2011, 6:08 pm
  2. I don’t think it should be so much about fat or skinny, but healthy is the key word. I will never be a ‘skinny’ girl, but I sure am much healthier than I was three years ago. Just make sure the body is healthy, and forget about other labels.

    Posted by Kristina | June 28, 2011, 2:10 am


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