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I have a feeling you’re not quite getting the idea…

So, Sebastian had a book of Dr Suess. “Six by Suess” I think, and while it has given us countless hours of fun and silliness (for example, I call Sebastian my Barbaloot), I don’t really think he gets ANY of the deeper meaning. Take the Lorax, for example. Once the Oncler decides that he needs to … Continue reading

More New Mexico Madness

So, since I haven’t written in a long, long time, I’ll give you a little snppet of my life through some of the quote’s I’ve over heard and written down, and a few that I just remembered because they were awesome. 🙂 “I can pee in the bathtub, mom said so…” – Sebastian “There’s a … Continue reading

A New Mexico State of Mind.

Yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. I made friends and got a computer that actually works, and between those two things, I’ve been busy. Which can be really great, but can also really suck. Great things being, HEY! I have FRIENDS!! One lovely family took me under their wings, and I know have … Continue reading