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A New Mexico State of Mind.

Yee Haw

Image by bulletproofsoul67 via Flickr

Yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry about that.

I made friends and got a computer that actually works, and between those two things, I’ve been busy.

Which can be really great, but can also really suck.

Great things being, HEY! I have FRIENDS!! One lovely family took me under their wings, and I know have a whole community of people who like me because of who I sit with. On the flip side, I have like 5 or 6 people who just stare DAGGERS at me. Honestly, the only reason we can think up that these people have a problem with me is because of who my friends are. It’s kind of like highschool without having to get your older brother to buy the beer. Not that my older brother’s ever actually did that. My parents would have KILLED them.

Not so great things are slightly less easy to define. Well, ok, it is easy to define, I just don’t want to , because it’s pretty stupid. First off, I’ve found that all the being alone and lonely I was doing was really working wonders for me relationship with the Lord. I don’t really feel that now. I was so close to Him, but, I dunno, I don’t have the “I’m desperate for You” vibe going on that I had earlier in the year. To be honest, I really miss Him. Like, a lot! Also, I’ve developed a terrible jealous streak! My dearest of the New Mexico girlies has met a guy, and is spending lots of time with him. Good for her, right? She deserves a nice guy. but, Mercy Above, I have this dragon that just rears up and growls whenever she talks about this guy. I’m just so freaking jealous! I want one! I’m funny, and pretty hot these days, thank you low carb diet! RAAAAAAAAAAAAR! Seriously, how long do I have to behave myself before God takes notice and I get a kick back??

Ok, that rant is over. Since moving here, I’ve learned to appreciate green chili, beer salt, country music and real, live cowboys…not the team. Ick. I’m ALL about the Ravens.


About Beating Heart, Spinning Mind

Professional dreamer. Searching for a job and greater meaning. Being a good girlfriend...well, trying to.


2 thoughts on “A New Mexico State of Mind.

  1. Ah, he will come…just be patient…you are worth the wait…he’ll be one special guy when he does come into your life, not to mention darned lucky!

    Posted by Kristina Hooper | October 11, 2011, 4:00 am

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