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More New Mexico Madness

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So, since I haven’t written in a long, long time, I’ll give you a little snppet of my life through some of the quote’s I’ve over heard and written down, and a few that I just remembered because they were awesome. 🙂

“I can pee in the bathtub, mom said so…” – Sebastian

“There’s a rash on Miss Claire’s Baltimore.” – Sebastian

“This is the perfect end to the day…I’m only 1000 steps from Nirvana.”- PJ.

“Divorse yourself from the outcome.” -PJ

Me- “Pat, never let me try to speak Spanish again. I’m totally cut off from Spanish.”

Pat- “Oh, you totally are…totally.”

“This is my friend Claire. She’s entirely too honest when she drinks.” – Pat

“Could you stop saying crazy things??” – Pat, in responce to me calling a guy in baggy pant “Baggy Britches”. Pat’s brain could not handle that.  Also, I tend to call the bathroom the Loo. She doesn’t get that one either.

So that is  just a sample of all the crazy things I have heard while here. I intend to resume my quote gathering, as I have let it slack for quite some time and sorely regret it, because I’m sure there are TONS of things worth repeating that I just can’t recall.

Anyway, as to my regular life. I decided that due t the fact that I’m sick for the first time since I’ve been here, I was not going to diet today. And I didn’t. Good for me! I had lasagna. And three cookies. 🙂 I feel like a little cheater, but, meh. My even smaller pants were starting to get baggy, and I had grown accostomed to having pants that weren’t baggy. Not that one day of being in total disregard of my low carb life style is going to make me gain the 10-15 pounds that would be required to make my clothes uncomfy. Of course, the carbs have made my tummy unhappy, but, meh. It was soooooo good. 🙂




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