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I have a feeling you’re not quite getting the idea…

The Lorax

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So, Sebastian had a book of Dr Suess. “Six by Suess” I think, and while it has given us countless hours of fun and silliness (for example, I call Sebastian my Barbaloot), I don’t really think he gets ANY of the deeper meaning. Take the Lorax, for example. Once the Oncler decides that he needs to “bigger” his company, he creates a “Super-Axe-Whacker” that can chop down “three trees in one smacker!” As an adult, we realise that is a symptom of the Oncler’s desire for advancement and personal gain at all costs. To a 2-year-old, it’s an awesome machine called a “SUPER-AXE-WHACKER!!” And no matter how much I insist that it is indeed a bad thing, Sebastian LOVES it. And that sad, sad moment when the sound of the last Truffala tree being hacked down reaches the ears of the Lorax and the Oncler? Yeah, Sebastian insists that HE is the one driving the machine.

Also, I haven’t been able to read the last few pages in that story in weeks. Once that tree is gone, Sebastian looses all interest. Oh, 2 year olds…so fickle!

Anyway, I’m less than 24 hours away from being HOME! I’m strangely apprehensive. Like something is going to be wrong when i get there. Not like, some one will be sick or hurt, but, more like, I don’t know. All my friend’s will have turned into the cast of “the Jersey Shore” or everyone will have decided to entirely forget me. I know, I know. This is all total bullocks. It reminds me of the scene in “Grosse Pointe Blank” when John Cusack‘s character goes back to the place where his childhood home once stood, only to find that the house has been demolished, and replaced with a convenience store. He promptly calls his shrink and says “it’s like they always say…’you can never go home…'” and then he adds “but you can always shop there.”

I think I’ve made home to be this wonderous Utopian paradise…which is ridiculous, because, well, I live in Baltimore. Part of this may be that I’ve only really started to make connections with people here in the last month, and I’m going to jet off for two weeks.

“What if I’m forgotten?” I find myself asking. Only to very promptly answer myself with a brisk “Well, if they forget you, then they aren’t worth being remembered by!” So there! HA! I just need to find some confidence. Right??


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One thought on “I have a feeling you’re not quite getting the idea…

  1. Well your room is still a mess, so that hasn’t nchanged 🙂 Sorry!

    Posted by Anne Horman | October 12, 2011, 3:20 pm

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