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A Girl Who Wants More/Torbellino

The following link is to the youtube video for “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem. Please take this as my disclaimer that A) this song is gritty, and the video a bit violent and B ) despite the fact that this song loosely inspired the poem that follows, I am in NO WAY in … Continue reading

A Bit of Poetry

As follows are some of the poems I’ve written recently. Keep in mind, dear readers, that someone once called poems a “moment’s monument”. These poems are but a monument to a moment, not the whole of my life right now.    “Flinging Rocks” The trees,             Who once sang to me,       … Continue reading

Empire State of Mind…and some other stuff.

Well, hello people! I know it’s been eons since last I posted. Sorry about that. Well, let’s start at the beginning shall we? I’m fresh off a 2 week vacation that involved a rather lot of traveling, at least in the very begining. Drove the 4 hours from Questa to Denver only to miss my … Continue reading



How could you not love that face??

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