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Gotye, Eyes Wide Open

Gotye, Eyes Wide Open

So, generally, I don’t put my approval behind anything, let alone a musician or a band. Well, I’m about to do that right now. 

Recently, a friend of mine shared an awesome video of a band called Walk Off the Earth covering a song called “Somebody I Used to Know”. The cover is amazing in it’s own right, as the entire song is played by 5 people on one guitar, and the vocals, done by 3 of the 5 people, can easily be called haunting. At first, I was so taken with the general sound of the thing that I nearly missed the lyrics, which would have been a sad state of affairs indeed. 

The song covered is by the Australian band Gotye. Once I discovered this, I was intrigued and did some quick youtube digging and discovered that music video for Gotye’s version of the song. While I wasn’t imediately blown away, over time, it grew on me. And, if you know me, my motto is pretty much “If one is good, five would be better.” So, I did some more digging and and totally coincidentally, a different friend posted another song by them, and, there, dear reader, my fate was sealed. 

Gotye’s lyrics are thoughtful, and while slightly political at times, show a real artistry and mastery of the craft. It was infinitely refreshing to see an artist that takes risks but still maintains a level of playfulness and seems to enjoy himself. 

Also watched an interview of him from Australian TV, and he seems like a pretty level headed, humble guy. And a cutie too! 😉

So, sorry mom, but this post is not about my life, other than the fact that Gotye tends to write about me…

so, dear readers and my mother, listen to Gotye, and bring some hankies! 


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