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My Life in the Rebel Forces: A very short look into my feelings about the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

The three lead protagonists of Star Wars, from...

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“Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi! You’re my only hope!”

“Made the Kessel Run in under 12 parseks…”

“You came in this thing? You’re braver than I though…”

“You scruffy looking Nerf herder!”

I have a bad feeling about this…”

“Oh, excuse me, Your Worshipfulness!”

“What a wonderful smell you’ve discovered!”

May the Force be with you.”

And last but not least, “Luke, I’m your Father.”

If you’re at all like me, these lines have had a pretty prominent place in your life. We grew up with Star Wars as a staple in our home. I remember the first time they re-released the movies in VHS. My parents bought them and we may have actually sat down and watched all three in one go. And I firmly believe that there are certain things that people my age just know about the Star Wars universe.

The first being that, until you actually saw that box with the movie in it, you had no idea that the first movie was actually the’ forth episode’. There weren’t any other episodes at that point, and it confused me for ages.

Another thing that you know is that the ‘forth’ movie is not called “A New Hope“. Until I was about 14, that one was just “Star Wars”. All the other movie’s had their proper names, but, that one was ALWAYS just Star Wars. I mean, who would want to see a space movie called “A New Hope”? Well, I did see Serenity, and loved it, but that’s another blog all together…

This next thing is not necessarily something I knew so much as something I noticed. My parents are very conservative and while growing up, I wasn’t even allowed to have Barbie’s, let alone watch movies where you might spy a scantily clad woman. I never recall in all the times we watched Star Wars, my parent’s having serious issue with Leia’s metal bikini. Maybe they thought that if they didn’t say anything I wouldn’t notice??

I recently had an opportunity to watch the newer, revamped, scenes added Star Wars on DVD, and, try as hard as I could,  I just couldn’t get into it. I even accidentally took A New Hope with me in my laptop when I went home for Christmas, and stared at the DVD for two whole weeks and just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. There’s just something entirely wrong with watching those movies on DVD. In fact, they trilogy is sitting on my desk right now, and I just don’t see myself actually watching them. I have some illogical connection to the grainy VHS quality that just makes it so…real.


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