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Empty House: A Poem and a Random Picture

The base pumps
Through my speakers.
Boom boom boom
Back and forth my hips
Whirl whirl whirl.
The music moves me
Around this floor.
Zoom zoom zoom.
Arms in the air,
I’m free,
Yeah yeah yeah.
I move like water
And fire.
Sizzle Sizzle POP.
Alone in the kitchen,
I rule the world.
Oh baby, baby, baby.
Copyright © nannymcawesome, 04/09/2012

Despite the way this poem sounds, I’m bored stiff. Why is it that the moments when we have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do, and the freedom to do pretty much anything end up being some of the most boring?? I will never do well living alone. I can’t even play a game of Scrabble. I could use an good old game of Scrabble.

I think I may clean my room. It’s atrocious. Really. Horrid. Eep.

Oh, and here’s a picture!!

I should have written about this day. We were at Great Dunes…or something like that, in Southern Colorado. It was AMAZING! I can honestly say that I could feel the presence of God there. Maybe it’s just me, but either way, it was amazing. I may just dedicate a whole blog to it at some point this week. Who knows.


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