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Sing, Sing a Song…about Christmas

I was entirely prepared-I even had the first paragraph written out-to write a very, very Grinchy blog all about the commercial aspects of the Season. However, while ruminating on that topic, I was distracted by my quest for new, good Christmas music (tricksy iTunes…). I think the first thing I need to do it draw a … Continue reading

Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels…Or So I’ve Heard…

  I’ve hear it said that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I like to think this is true, but I can’t say for sure for two reasons. The first being that I’ve never been skinny; the second being that I’ve tasted some pretty darn good food in my life.   I’ve been sitting … Continue reading

Give Us This Day- Thoughts on the Battle of Needs vs Wants

            I don’t really think I’ve ever had such a pressing requirement to separate the things I need from the things I want. My bank account is sitting WELL below my freak out level, and we’re currently both jobless. And while we have a place to live and all the basics covered, … Continue reading


I often times find myself wishing that I could handle things better. I have long lists of things that I’m sure I’ve handled rather poorly indeed. I’ll not list them here-or anywhere for that matter- because they make me look bad, and no one wants to look bad if they can help it. At times … Continue reading

The Christmas Fiasco

We didn’t ‘do’ Santa Clause growing up. He just didn’t factor into our celebration of Christmas. No Elf on the Shelf. We happily consumed our own cookies and milk. And the only bearded jolly guy we had was my dad or Mr. Joe. This wasn’t some evil ploy of my parents to deprive us of the joy of a modern, American … Continue reading

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You know how you think your family is crazy? You’re right. They are. You are the only sane one and you’re pushing the rock of sagacity uphill. Both ways. In the snow. Give in. Just give in. There’s a yard sign I’ve seen around the internet that says…

I Love My Mom

Let me start by saying that I have been amazingly blessed in my life to have known many amazing mothers. I have even had friend or two who I have added the word ‘mom’ to their names in my phone because they are so awesome. Julie Mom and Missy Mom are the two main people … Continue reading

20 Days?? Really??

So, it’s hit me today that it’s only 25 days to Christmas. I don’t now how I managed to miss this fact. I live in a house that is really beautifully decorated for the season. Heck, John and I even trimmed the trees. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for the last week. Down town Waupaca looks … Continue reading