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I often times find myself wishing that I could handle things better. I have long lists of things that I’m sure I’ve handled rather poorly indeed. I’ll not list them here-or anywhere for that matter- because they make me look bad, and no one wants to look bad if they can help it.

At times like this, when I’m feeling that I’m just making a dog’s meal of everything I’m endeavoring to do, I comfort myself with a quote from the movie Little Women. It’s from the scene where Jo is in the Professor’s apartment. He had just saved her manuscript from being trampled in the streets and they are drying the sheets in front of the fire.

I can’t remember exactly how the words are placed, or how they get to the point, but Jo says, in her funny, frank manner “I’m afraid I’m incurably human.” The Professor goes on to say something wonderfully insightful and romantic. Jo blushes and AHA! We know that here, there is something more.

Wonderful budding romance aside, this is my favorite scene in a movie filled with favorite scenes (come on ladies…when she tells Laurie no…come on, you know it gets ya every time…). That phrase “incurably human’. It just holds all the hopes, let downs, foibles, glories and struggles of being a person.

AH, YE GODS! How human am I? Often time I wish that somehow I could have a bit more robot in me. A little more ‘do’ and a lot less ‘feel’. Being a robot…there’s an idea. But, alas, I am, and always will be, incurably human.


About Beating Heart, Spinning Mind

Professional dreamer. Searching for a job and greater meaning. Being a good girlfriend...well, trying to.


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