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Give Us This Day- Thoughts on the Battle of Needs vs Wants

            I don’t really think I’ve ever had such a pressing requirement to separate the things I need from the things I want. My bank account is sitting WELL below my freak out level, and we’re currently both jobless. And while we have a place to live and all the basics covered, … Continue reading

Ventures into Outer-myspace

I haven’t looked at my old myspace account in who knows how long, but after receiving an email saying that some one gave me a friend request (IGNORE!!), I decided to dive back into the old thing for a walk down memory lane. And what I found was an absolute treasure trove. I found my old blog from three-ish … Continue reading

A Josh Groban Kind of Morning/My Daily Dose of Melodrama.

There are some things floating around in my head that I just can’t quite articulate. They are feelings about love and leaving and friendship. I’m trying to find the balance between saying too much and saying too little. My own silence that screams, yet begs me to suffer more because breaking this silence could be disastrous… … Continue reading

Oh My Heart

Oh my heart Grows and aches Love I can’t contain And often Can’t explain. Faces around the fire and around the circle, Warm and challenge. Wonder, growth, love. I want you stay Forever. Arms hold And smiles embrace. Faces around the fire And around the circle. I love you all. Stay, Please. Please. Stay in … Continue reading

You never really needed me, the way you need your nicotine…

So, this song has kind of summed up my relationship with my most recent ex. GAH! I hate the way that sounds.  So…tawdry.  I mean, he hasn’t stopped being a person, and it’s not like I have a ‘shoot on site’ order out on him or anything… It’s just, the phrase ‘ex’ holds so much … Continue reading